dandelion puff fabrics

Dandelion Puff / brand design by Creative Type A

I'm super excited to share this new brand launch with you. Tabetha of Dandelion Puff Fabrics was such a pleasure to work with, and was truly one of the easiest clients I've had the pleasure of designing for. Tabetha contacted me about needing a new brand that stood out from the run of the mill fabric shops. She had been selling exclusively on Etsy, and while that had been working great for her, she really wanted to launch her brand outside of the Etsy circle and start her own e-commerce site.

Tabetha also has big plans for Dandelion Puff, including a brick and mortar store with classes and community programs. So it was important that her brand grow with her business goals, and speaks to her creative market beyond just selling fabrics.

Through her branding questionnaire, Tabetha made it clear that she didn't want a cutesy design, that she wanted to be taken seriously. But she also wanted her design to communicate the friendly, hands-on customer service she implements in her day to day business values.

Tabetha told me instantly that she wanted a handlettered style font for her main logo design. I paired a flowing handwritten font with a strong serif type to distinguish her creativity and give the brand a friendly look, while keeping the overall feel fresh and modern. A mainly warm muted palette gives her brand the serious feel she was looking for, with a few pops of colour to keep things from feeling too serious.


brand keywords

modern, fresh, creative, friendly, inspiring



Dandelion Puff Logo Concepts / designed by Creative Type A



Dandelion Puff Branding Board / designed by Creative Type A