Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Business

Social media is a great, free marketing tool for any business. But there are so many, and we often think that we have to be on every one in order to promote our business. The truth is that that’s just not possible. If you’re just starting out, wading in the deep end of social media can be a little intimidating. I’m going to break down the major platforms for you to help you choose the right social media for your business.  

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business | Creative Type A


Pinterest is a visual focused social media outlet where you can upload, save, sort, and manage media content such as images and videos (aka pins) onto curated pin boards. This is a great tool if your business or blog offers content that is visually stimulating. Pinterest has a predominatly female following, and popular categories are food, fitness, fashion, weddings, interior design and travel. If you cater to any of these markets, Pinterest is for you.

Instagram is a mobile-only app that allows you to share beautiful images with your audience via your smartphone. You can edit the images with a variety of filters and tools to build a story board. There are many posts out there for creating a beautiful and consistent Instagram feed, one of my favourites is from Craftsposure.

Facebook is pretty well known by now being that it is the most popular social media outlet in the world. You probably already have a personal Facebook page, but if you are starting a new business, you will want to set up a business page to create a more professional front. But don’t be too stringent; Facebook is the place to show the personal side of your business, so feel free to share photos of your cat laying on your laptop while you’re trying to write a killer blog post. Queue into your work process, or places of inspiration. Facebook is a great way to engage your followers, so ask questions, get the conversation going.

Speaking of conversation, Twitter is the ultimate ongoing conversation. Think of it like a never-ending text message on steroids. If you run a business that has lots of news and updates, or if you need an immediate response to a question, then think of Twitter as your magic 8 ball. Because it is a constant flowing conversation, it is more in the moment, so don’t expect your tweet from yesterday to get much traffic. It’s a great way to direct people to your blog or services right-now!

Linkedin is a business platform that was social media before social media really exploded. This is a great outlet to promote yourself in a professional manner. You can join groups that are tailored to your industry or interests and be part of discussions, ask questions, give and get feedback and network. Think of it as your online resume to show off your professional experience, and your connections can endorse your skills.

Choosing the right social medial for your business can be tricky. I don’t recommend signing up for every available outlet, because it is difficult to be great in all of them, and it can really eat up your work day trying to manage too many. Like they say, Jack of all trades, master of none.

I suggest sitting down and really defining who your audience is, and what will engage them the most. If you’re in the fitness industry, then I would recommend Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. You can share images of workouts and healthy recipes. Perhaps you are into self-improvement. Twitter and Facebook would be your best bets to engage with your audience both in the moment (think semi-daily mantra tweets) and long term.

Try to limit yourself to three platforms that will really allow your business to shine, you know you can keep up with, and speak to your skill set. If you take great photos, then stay with the visual outlets like Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re more of a writer, then Twitter and Facebook might be a better option. Again, it’s what you can do for your audience.

So what’s your preferred social media outlet(s)? Do you have any tips for someone starting out?