Colour Crushing | Mint + Black

Guten morgen! It’s Saturday, yea! I’ve got some work to tidy up before I call it a weekend. But before I hit the Illustrator, I’ve been thinking about my post from yesterday, with the wet paint photography by Klas Herbert.  

Design Crush, Klas Herbert Wet Paint Photography, on the blog


It has got me colour crushing on mint and black bad! I even (completely subconsciously) put on a mint t-shirt and black sweats for bed last night. So I though, I should start a new blog series called Colour Crushing. I sometimes get colour palettes stuck in my head, and then insert them into my everyday life. And you know how much I love Pinterest, so I just put together a little crush board of wanted things. Love that tile! I’m also creating a new Pinterest board called Colour Crushing so you can check them out without scrolling through the blog (even though you should to keep up with me and my work, wink wink).


Colour Crushing 01, Mint & Black, by Red King Press | visit for product references


01. Pantone 351 U | 02. Patina Bracelet | 03. Memphis II Cushion Cover | 04. Mint Hoodie | 05. Dreamer Camera | 06. Penny Tile | 07. Bose Bluetooth Speaker | 08. Charlie Oxford