Give Thanks!

I'm wrapping up my work before I start prepping for Turkey Day. Seriously, I cannot believe that we're in holiday season, where the heck did November go?

Give Thanks - Desktop and phone Wallpaper by Creative Type A

I'm always slightly irked by Black Friday. I can't say I've ever participated, and am still scarred by an after Christmas shopping excursion my dad took me on when I was younger.

Last month, I was happy to hear that REI said that not only will they not be open on Thanksgiving, but they will be closed the following Black Friday as well.

“Instead of reporting to work, we’re paying our employees to do what we love most—be outside.”

Awesome-sauce! Being an avid outdoors person, I love, love, love their attitude. This is also a wonderful lesson in brand awareness and customer loyalty.

So, this Turkey Day, stay home, gorge on some home cooking and give thanks, not things. Happy Thanksgiving!