Logo Design | Lanier Promotions


Hi all. Whew, I've been busy. I just finished a logo design for Lanier Promotions in Georgia. Miranda was a pleasure to work with, she was looking for a lake themed logo since they are located by Lanier Lake, something simple, but modern. It is always rewarding to finish a project with a happy client!


So another thing you'll notice is at the bottom of the cheat sheet, it says RKPCreative. What is that you might be asking? Well, to make thinks a little easier, I have created a new Etsy shop called RKPCreative, which simply broke off the graphic design aspect of Red King Press from the correspondence and invitation aspect. It is still part of Red King Press, just has a new cool nickname. I think it makes things a little easier depending on what you are shopping for, and so far I've had a great response. So, be sure to check it out on Etsy! Allright, that's all for today, I'll be updating the website a little to reflect the new changes. Till next time.