brand launch // Dorothy Northern Studios


It's been a while since I posted some new work, so I've got a good one for you. I'm so in love with this new brand design for Dorothy Northern Studios - ultra mod, balanced by a neutral feminine colour palette. Dorothy contacted me in July, ready to take her jewelry business full time. Dorothy is the reason I love working with fellow creatives! She was excited to get started, and loved the ability to express her vision through her Pinspiration board. Dorothy makes amazing jewelry - modern, eclectic and multi-functional, and wanted a designthat matched. I think we nailed it!


the love

My experience working with Creative Type A was amazing. The homework and Pinspiration board made me zero in on what I am trying to accomplish and solidify a path for meeting my goals. Rory seems to have a sixth sense about where I want my brand to go, she was able to articulate my vision beyond my expectations. I love that she presented me with an edgy modern choice for my logo it fits my vision perfectly. Although Rory lives on the other side of the country I feel like she knows my product and me. 

Dorothy Northern


Dorothy Northern Mood Board | Branding by Creative Type A

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Dorothy Northern Branding Board | Creative Type A