Road Tripping in the Painted Hills

I had a hard time getting up this morning. Everything hurts. I'm stiff and sore and just plain tired. I spent the last few days van camping, or vamping as I've coined it. It's Oregon, and it's cold outside, but I miss my outdoors. So Sam and I tried something new, and it was amazing. We went to the Ochoco National Forest and the Painted Hills. We did a ton of hiking and exploring, hence the soreness. It was so beautiful, I mean look at these colours! That's not Photoshop people. Sam recently caved to a social media outlet, Instagram. You know how much I love my Instagram. I'm super happy, because before it was always just me taking the shots. But now I have a second photographer, and really feel like we're documenting our precious time better. One thing I asked him to do was take some pictures of me. I don't have a ton, and while the photo I have had on my site is very pretty, I don't feel that it represents me 100%. I'm a nature girl. A tree-hugging, organic eating, messy, modern hippy. I don't like to wear shoes, my hair is 99.9% of the time in a bun on top of my head with hair sticking out in all directions. You'll rarely see me wearing makeup, and I put a dress once a year for my anniversary. So you see, a dolled up head shot of me isn't a true representation of what I put out there on a daily basis. Iโ€™m a jeans (or leggings) and a t-shirt kind of girl, and thought that I ought to be more real here. I love design, I love pretty things, I just don't want to spend an hour getting ready in the morning.

This is me out in my natural environment.

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