Setting Business Goals | July

Whoa, it's July, when did that happen? Sorry, I feel obliged to say that. I love July, wanna know why? Besides the summer weather, Fourth of July camping and other fun things, July babies rock! Yup, my birthday is at the end of the month. I squeezed in on the 31st just to be a July baby. I'm not really a big birthday person, I think one year I forgot my own birthday (really.) But it's a great month, and this month is going to be extra special just because. Moving on. So it's time again to be setting business goals.  But first let's look back on last months goals and see how I did.  

July Goals | Creative Type A

Only check email three times a day: fail

Yeah, I'm still working on this one, what can I say, I'm addicted to email. I had a few projects last month that needed a quick turn around on responses, and one amazing client that blew through the design process. She knew what she wanted and we-were-on-fire!

Track my project hours: kinda sorta

Ok, so the jury's still out on this one. I did track some of my hours, but not all of them. Remember how I said that my Toggl time tracker pops up to let me know that I should be tracking my time whenever I'm on the computer? Well, I accidentally closed it out completely, so I wasn't getting the reminders. So, I will follow through with this one in July.

Finish my website: almost there!

Yeah, this is one I'm excited about. I did have a lot of work in June, and so it makes it hard to take a little time for yourself. I did get all of my interior pages up minus my full portfolio. I did get some logos up, which will be one piece of my portfolio. My issue I was finding (besides time) was that I really wanted to make a brand board that was all my own. Up to this point I was following the standard template. And while that was ok, I really wanted to put my own mark on my work, and really show my style. I'm happy to say, after a lot of reorganizing, I finally got the puzzle to fit. Here's a little sample, let me know what you think.

Tuula Naht Brand Board | Identity and Collateral by Creative Type A
Tuula Naht Brand Board | Identity and Collateral by Creative Type A

See how the headers match the menu bar of the website? That's called branding, cool huh? Ok, so I can't mark this last task complete yet, but like I said, I'm this close. So, now it's time to set some goals for July.

Finish June goals

I totally need to get these guys done.

  • Finish website
  • Track my work time

Stick to a blog schedule, and put a time limit on it.

So, I, like 98% of bloggers in this world, have a tendency to be a little inconsistent with my blogging. So, I want to create a blog schedule of three days a week. While I wish I had the time and energy to blog five days a week, I need to be realistic. So, I'll start with three, M-W-F. And I'm putting a time limit of one hour a day to write the blog, create the graphics and post. First thing in the morning before I get started on client work, before I start getting distracted with emails and calls, while my brain is still fresh.

Create one free resource

I like free stuff, who doesn't? I ultimately want this blog to be a place of resources. For you to find tools and tips that will help you do a little design or web work yourself. I've started with a couple posts, such as How to Create a Mood Board for your Brand. So I want to create more for you to keep coming back. In addition to that, I want to create a resources page that will have links to other free stuff, such as stock photography, fonts and other helpful business blogs or communities. Down for that?

What are your goals for July? Got something big planned? I'd love to hear about them!