Ahh, everyone's favourite time of the year. Time to pony up and either pay Uncle Sam, or have the government pay you back on that interest free loan you gave them in the form of overpayment. I don't mind taxes, in fact I'm pretty good at them. I like math, and hell, I use TurboTax, which any mathematically challenged individual can use. Usually by now though I have my taxes done. I'm one of those people that does it as soon as my husband's W-2 arrives in the mail. That way if I'm getting money back, I get it right away. And if I owe, then I have two months to save for it. Last year I was a good girl, I paid estimated taxes, and put money into savings to ensure I wasn't scrambling to find cash. I was right on the money (with the help of a lot of deductions) and finished everything last night. Feels good to know that's done. Cards1I know I keep saying that I can't wait to share with you what I've been up to, but there are still a lot of balls in the air, so when I finally do finish, I'll be posting like crazy. I'm really in a mad dash to finish up these projects before my trip to Chicago in March. In the mean time, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll notice my new business cards. Lovely aren't they? I finally got a new stamp made because I just love the stamped look. Plus it's way cheaper to make your own business cards than it is to send them to the printers. And this way I can make them in a bunch of different colours. Fun! I can design a custom business card stamp for you too. Get in touch.

Oh! And if you aren't following me, do so, because I'm doing a drawing at the end of this month for a free pre-made logo. Links are over there >>>