It's hump day. So, like I said in my last post, I've been busy. I have a lot of new clients, and a lot of work. A busy Rory is a happy Rory. But my website has been in dire need of an update. The landing page just wasn't cutting it anymore. So last night, I went to bed on time, ready to get my beauty rest. But my brain wouldn't shut off. I kept thinking about my home page design. So I got up. I had to work on it, less I be staring at the ceiling all night.

I only expected to do a couple hours of work, maybe try to be in bed by midnight. Nope. It's 5:34am, I am wired (no coffee), but I have my home page complete. Now obviously, there was a lot of background work to be done. I had been plotting my new logo design, and needed a home page image that screamed branding. I got some CSS updated, and the actual set up took less than an hour. But look at it folks, isn't it beautiful? ::swoon::

red king press custom logo and branding design

I also finally set up my google+ account. I had a few people add me to their circles, but never really set anything up. Well, there you go, one more social media outlet for the anti-social media kid. It's not that I can't use it, it's just that it's a lot of information I don't really need or want. Remember folks, I don't even have cable. So add me to your circle, I'll add you to mine and we can share information via a corporate giant that skips out on paying millions of dollars of taxes. And we wonder why our county is broke, but that's another topic for another time. Well, my husband will be up soon to go to work, and I'm sure he's going to be dumbfounded by the hours I kept tonight. Maybe I can sneak into bed and he won't notice. Good night, err... good morning all.